Attitude and Healthy Foods… What’s the Connection?

 Healthy Living Responsible for Bad Attitudes??

attitudes and healthy living

A study published in Social Psychological and Personality Science journal found that subjects who were primed for organic, healthy, all-natural foods were more likely to judge other people in a harsh manner.

For the study, researchers at Loyola University divided 62 undergraduate students into three groups. One group was shown images of fruits and vegetables with organic labels; another group saw images of comfort foods like cookies and ice cream; and the third group was shown ‘neutral’ foods like beans and grains. After they saw the images, participants were asked to rank the acceptability of morally questionable scenarios and then were asked if they could spare some time to helpthe researchers with another study. Participants who were shown the organic food were least likely to find the scenarios acceptable and also volunteered the least amount of time. The people shown comfort food, however, were more accepting of the situations presented in the scenarios and also volunteered more of their time to help the researchers.   Interesting findings.. but how likely is it that their conclusions apply to real-world scenarios?

Thank you Health Central – Editor


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