Quiz: Are you ready for to begin living healthy?

Are you ready to achieve you healthy living goals?

are you ready?

Take our short quiz to find out.

Choose the answer that most closely represents your thoughts.

1. When I consider the pros and cons of making a commitment to losing weight, I feel that:

A. I will be giving up A LOT.
B. I can benefit from even losing a few pounds, helping me adjust to healthy eating is not something that will happen overnight.
C. They’re about equal.

2. I am excited to lose weight. Now is a good time to start because…

A. my doctor/spouse/family member said I needed to. I’m super busy so I’m not sure if it will fit in with my daily routine though.
B. I am finally motivated to take charge of my life. I will make time for eating right and exercising. My family & friends are so supportive!
C. I am under a deadline to lose this weight, so I better start now!

3. Taking a brisk walk (or doing some other exercise) for 30 minutes each day sounds…

A. Like a luxury I can’t afford. My schedule is full.
B. A goal I can achieve.
C. Like another item on my list of things to do, but if I get to it I’m moving forward.

4. Keeping a food diary to track my calories sounds…

A. Like a waste of time. No thank you.
B. Like a fun project to do with the whole family!
C. I will try to keep up with this, but it isn’t my top priority.

5. The idea of cooking a few new healthy recipes a week is…

A. Too much extra work for me right now. Maybe this weekend.
B. Exciting. I love trying new things out in the kitchen.
C. Something I should start doing. I will give it my best effort.

6. I’m looking for a new approach to losing weight because…

A. Someone else has told me I should lose weight. I’m too busy to stress about extra pounds.
B.I’m ready to start living a healthy lifestyle!
C. I’ve tried every diet out there and nothing has worked for me. This is  my last hope.


What’s the verdict?

If you chose mostly A’s, you’re

Not Ready to Change

Your life is stressful as it is. You need enough time to devote to your health goals alone. There’s no need to try and do that now, just keep thinking about it and when you get some free time you will be ready to attack your health goals head on! Good luck.

If you chose mostly B’s, you’re

Ready to start!

What are you waiting for, you are prepared for the long road ahead. You are motivated and an attitude like this is just what you need to succeed. I know you will be proud of yourself and all the rewards from your hard work. What are you waiting for?!

If you chose mostly C’s, you’re

Almost there.

You’re not quite ready for a huge commitment, but I know that it is in your not so distant future. Just keep taking small steps towards your goals and you will see better health is within your reach. Remember:  By starting off slowly and accomplishing small goals, you may see that you have everything it takes to succeed in your weight-loss efforts.

“It is not mountains we conquer, but ourselves

– Edward Hillary

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