Excedrine Recall Warning Update: A Real Headache

Company Urges Consumers to “dispose” of pills or risk ingesting various other pieces of “other drugs“.

Tylenol and Advil + Excedrin

For the most part it’s went unnoticed, but there are several different  OTC pills that were recalled earlier this year that have been removed from store shelves. Novatris Consumer Health began alerting the public about the recall sometime in January of this year. This recall included not only Excedrin products, but Bufferin, Gas-X Prevention, and No Doz brand products, all made by the same company.

English: A bottle of Excedrin's migraine formu...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why did the company call for an Excedrin Recall Warning?

Apparently chipped or broken tablets as well as other drugs may have accidentally gotten into the bottles. How this happened, I do not understand, but to be safe the company urges anyone with these products to “dispose” of them but to not flush them down the toilet. No injuries have been reported thus far.

Sources say the popular OTC drug, Excedrin, recalled earlier this year, will return soon to store shelves. If possible, avoid paying top dollar for medicine you know very well Walmart has under it’s generic label “Equate”. It works just as well as the brand name Excedrin and has not been compromised with bits and pieces of other drugs.

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