Life Lessons that Lead us to Greatness

 Life Lessons

With all the negative press surrounding the Olympics and admist all the hype and shamelss reporting, let’s get back to the basics for a minute. At the core of the Olympics is an athlete with a dream they have been working their whole life to make possible. Although not all of these athletes are the perfect role models, we can take something away from these men and women. Here are some life lessons that will lead us to greatness.

Olympians live by their own personal set of guidelines.

Here are some of their life lessons that wouldn’t hurt us to follow in our own daily lives:

  • Start young
  • Think long term
  • Stay Focused
  • Get really good at something
  • Sleep well
  • Eat right
  • Practice good mental health
  • Get a good coach
  • Keep an eye on competition
  • Believe in yourself
  • Everyday matters – every hour matters
  • Practice makes perfect
  • Make time for play
  • Enjoy yourself
  • Make healthy friends who push you to progress
  • Stay away from losers
  • Learn from your failures
  • Listen to your coach
  • Ask for help when you need it
  • Be proud of what you do
  • Learn to manage stress
  • Focus on winning instead of focusing on knocking someone down
  • Don’t get distracted by the applause
  • Always – Go for GOLD

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